Only Dark Roasts here. If you want “blonde” coffee you’ll find it in your nearest supermarket or at one of the most famous coffee roasters stores.

We’ve been roasting dark roasts for over 25 years. Over-roasted burnt coffee, we leave for others. Our coffee customers know the difference between smooth, mellow, dark and over-roasted coffee.

Alfred Peet (San Francisco) has had a great influence on our style of roasting. Our coffee has been compared to Peet’s coffee, which is a distinct honor for us.

We have discontinued selling to commercial coffeehouses and wholesale accounts in order to bring to you the finest cup of coffee possible. Our mission has never been to be the biggest roaster, just the best! 

Our specialty is our signature blends. We combine coffee beans from all over the world to bring out unusual flavors that makes our coffee unique, while still accommodating those who appreciate single origin coffee.

Our Cowboy Joe blend has become our #1 coffee in only one year, its’ fame spread by word of mouth.

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Ron Rose